“Breadcrumbs to Lead You Home … Follow the Trail” (published by Archway Publishing), the

autobiography of a sexually, mentally, and physically broken little girl and woman as she endured

unthinkable circumstances to find hope in God’s unconditional love.

At a young age, Jackly was already enduring an unthinkable existence. Neglected by her mother and with

no consistent caregiver to take over, she was often hungry, infested with lice, and forced to wear soiled,

boy’s clothing that was too big. Even worse yet, she was groped, fondled, and raped nearly every day of

her childhood by multiple sexual abusers that included her mother’s boyfriend, her grandmother’s ex-

husband, and her cousin.

In a raw and honest retelling of her personal experiences as a voiceless little girl, Jackly leads others

through her horrifying childhood. She was bounced around from home-to-home, shamed by her mother,

and repeatedly violated by family members and strangers. As she chronicles her journey into adulthood,

she then reveals how she became addicted to drugs, transformed into a prostitute, and ultimately found

hope, redemption, and forgiveness through her faith after she cried out to Jesus to remove her flashbacks,

restore her innocence, and heal her broken soul and heart.

Sara Jackly



I am the author known as Sara Jackly, I am published with Archway Simon and Shuster, I am also a Youtuber a.k.a  Isreal Alma. I am set apart different in ways then others for many reasons. I am set apart, transformed by the teachings and calling of Jesus. Many are called few are Chosen. I have been Chosen for tasks that are grand in the bigger picture. Not as in the world as you know it today. But I have been chosen and called to be a sacrifice a living sacrifice of the Lord. I have given my will and life. I am a servant to the Lord, called to aid my brothers and sisters in service.  I do not desire financial gain, acceptance or false peace from this world in money, glory or praise. I wish Glory to be the only entity worthy of it, God. He is the only deserving Being.  

Sara Jackly 

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